Are you suffering from unwanted hair-loss?  Have you tried everything under the sun and found it to be one empty promise after another?  Tired of chasing the dream of a full head of hair only to be disappointed again and again?  Look no further, you’ve found the last hair treatment you’ll ever need:


Introducing Dermo Biotin, an innovative new hair loss shampoo specially formulated to provide a natural and powerful treatment that restores youthful vitality to your hair.  Every day more and more people are faced with the disheartening realization that their hair is thinning and beginning to fall out.  Many have just given up hope, having long ago been sold on the idea that hair loss is a natural part of the aging process, and a shining cue-ball is the final destination of every aging scalp.

Don’t You Believe It!  Dermo-Biotin’s formula destroys this myth!
Our team of experts has searched the world over for the marvels of medical and herbal science to create this new formula, lab-tested and proven to provide the ultimate in hair restorative properties.  Dermo-Biotin is a true marvel of modern hair-restorative science.

Dermo-Biotin Facts:

  • Shown to put the brakes on Hair-Loss
  • Formula free of Unhealthy Paraben
  • Revitalizes tired hair follicles to promote hair growth !
  • Provides Healthy Shiny Hair by cleansing the scalp of excess sebum
  • Infuses scalp and pores with five powerful and natural enhancements
  • Promotes optimum hair strength and growth
  • Specialized Formulas for Men and Women

Not even the elderly should experience hair loss, as everyone deserves to have a beautiful head of hair even late in life.  But today people of all ages are experiencing early and unwanted problems with their hair, some going bald as early as 18 or 19 years of age!  Research shows that we just aren’t getting the special nutrients our hair needs to stay vital and healthy, and that oral supplements can only go so far.  This is where Dermo-Biotin comes in, delivering much needed biotin, cysteine, inositol, choline, and methionine directly to where it’s needed most, your scalp, follicles, and pores!

Hair Loss is Not Inevitable!  Dermo Biotin can keep hair off your brush and on your head!
While the market is flooded with charlatans and snake oil claiming to restore a youthful head of hair like magic, Dermo Biotin is one of the only ones tested and shown to have actual perceptible results.  It’s important when you start looking at a hair restorative to understand how hair growth works, if you’re promised a full head of hair in just a few weeks, you’re certainly being lied to.  A hair restorative can only work as fast as healthy restored follicles can produce hair.

Everyone’s hair is different, and the factors inhibiting their hair growth is just as personalized.  Dermo-Biotin is specially formulated to tackle a broad scope of issues preventing follicles from returning to the growth phase.  Once restored, you can start seeing new hair growth in anything from 4-8 weeks, when the restored hair follicles have started producing healthy hair once again.   Dermo-Biotin is guaranteed to produce amazing results in a realistic time frame, and to keep that hair growing so you can continue to enjoy a full head of amazing, youthful hair.

Tough Hair isn’t Necessarily Strong Hair
With the special blend of ingredients used in Dermo-Biotin,
you’re guaranteed to start producing strong healthy hair 
that is supple and flowing.  Many people suffering from 
hair loss have hair that is simply too brittle and unyielding,
in other words tough, to be attractive and healthy.  
Tough hair is coarse, strong hair is vibrant, flexible, 
and incredibly soft while remaining durable enough to 
withstand the rigors of your active lifestyle.  
Dermo-Biotin can bring your hair back from the brink, 
and let you enjoy the benefits of strong, beautiful hair.

But it’s Just a Shampoo!
Absolutely it’s just a shampoo, shampoos are for 
treating and cleansing hair!  But you don’t think of 
your multi-vitamin as ‘just a pill’, it’s all about how
the product is formulated.   Dermo-Biotin is effective 
with long-lasting, reproducible results that will leave 
others raving about your hair.  This product is 
absolutely safe, toxin free, and guaranteed to bring 
you real, observable results in the fullness of time. Read more....

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