Are there any side effects with Dermo Biotin?
Dermo Biotin is comprised of carefully selected herbal ingredients, meaning there are none of the side-effects typically associated with chemical ingredients.  However, you should check to be sure that you aren’t allergic to anything it contains.

Where can I have it shipped?
We know that hair loss is a problem all over the world, as a result, we’ve worked out special relationships with shipping companies to get your product to you quickly and cheaply.   No matter where in the world you are, Dermo-Biotin can be delivered directly to your address.

Does Dermo Biotin really work?
Dermo-Biotin has been specially formulated to be incredibly effective, whether you’re dealing with hair loss, thin and brittle hair, dandruff, or exceptionally oily hair, Dermo-Biotin is the solution you need.  Our product is perfect for a regular maintenance routine, applying only the necessary rejuvenating substances your hair needs to be vibrant and lovely.

Is Dermo-Biotin available in wholesale?
We provide our product in wholesale quantities and prices for interested distributors who are looking to buy in amounts intended for retail redistribution.  We’ll provide a skilled liaison 

Do you sell in wholesale quantity?
We do not just sell in wholesale quantity but also wholesale price. This is an advantage for those who will be buying large supply and those who intend to sell the product locally. You can also liaise with our customer service reps to know what benefit you stand to enjoy for placing order for large quantities.

What is the proper application method of Dermo Biotin?
Dermo-Biotin is more than a shampoo, and should be used accordingly. To make best use of the product apply and lather a small amount to pre-wet hair and gently rub into your scalp.  Afterwards, simply rinse your hair with a generous amount of water.  Repeat this anytime you wash your hair normally.

Is Dermo-Biotin host to any unhealthy ingredients?
When dealing with beauty products, many of them rely on harsh chemicals and strong formulations that can cause as much damage to your hair as it does help.  Dermo-Biotin subverts this by using only natural ingredients, which have no adverse effect on the human body.  Unlike most health and beauty products, Dermo-Biotin is completely safe.

How long has Dermo Biotin been around?
Dermo-Biotin has a long and respected history among adherents of health and beauty products.  Contrary to being new, it is actually well loved and has an excellent reputation in the global community.  With thousands of satisfied customers around the globe, you can know you’re getting a product that has been well tested and well received.

How long does it take for this product to work?
Dermo-Biotin is a product using natural resources, without harmful chemicals that can cause irreparable damage to your hair.  As such, it works with your body’s natural processes, and realistic expectations must be kept.  Continue using the product for 6-8 weeks to begin to see solid results, and continue using it to reap the benefits of lifelong beautiful hair.

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