Dermo-Biotin is the result of a dedicated team of experts sifting through the ageless mountain that is the accumulated botanical folklore of the world, and combining their results with solid, reliable scientific research and testing to find the ultimate in hair loss and restoration results.  After years of careful experimentation and reformulation, this powerful mixture of botanicals was found, creating the leading edge in hair loss and restoration products.

Hair is one of the hallmarks of a youthful appearance, helping to preserve and accent our natural beauty.  Throughout the world it is recognized as a signifier of vitality and sensuality, and billions of dollars a year are spent attempting to maintain the health and beauty of our hair.  Many of these solutions are little more than snake-oil and empty promises, based on poor science, folklore, and excellent marketing.

What Makes Dermo-Biotin Different?

Biotin is essential for the growth of healthy cells, and the creation of the fatty acids the body needs to produce healthy hair.  Research has shown that biotin can be a vital element in the production of strong hair and nails.  Dermo-biotin is based off of this effect, and helps to introduce this vitamin into the system so it can help your body metabolize fats and amino acids in the process of revitalizing your hair and scalp to produce the best and healthiest hair possible.  Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7, but was once known as Vitamin H, for the German words Haar und Haut, meaning "Hair and Skin".   Is there any surprise it's the foundation for the most effective hair revitalization shampoo on the market?

Dermo-Biotin is specially formulated to take the natural cycle of hair growth and loss into account, and to specifically target the scalp, pores, and follicles that need to be nourished and revitalized to get you back to that full head of hair you long for.   Knowing that men and women have different needs to build and sustain healthy hair, Dermo-Biotin has created two blends, each carefully targeting the hair requirements of men and women.


Biotin is the most vital ingredient in both our blends, and hails from the amazing family of B Vitamins.  Normally to acquire enough biotin to meet the needs of healthy hair, you’d have to imbibe liver or egg yolk, both sources that are deeply unhealthy in large portions.  In this instance, you get access to them without the unwanted cholesterols and fats, while still providing the endurance and strength enhancing qualities you need for a healthy head of hair.

Dermo-Biotin for Men

One of the leading causes of hair loss in men is DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, a hormone directly tied to the phenomena of male pattern baldness.   While a bald pate was once thought to be an inevitable result of those with high levels of DHT in their system, Saw Palmetto has been shown to inhibit the production of DHT, preventing hair loss.  This, combined with the finest extract of the noble tea plant, helps to protect your scalp from damage by introducing a complex blend of anti-oxidants directly into the area that needs protecting most.  

Dermo-Biotin for Women

Dermo-Biotin for women includes one other vital ingredient specially selected for the benefits it brings to female hair health.  Horsetail has been shown to be an excellent source for silica, a mineral that promotes hair growth and strength, and has been effective for helping to reduce dandruff, split ends, and overall hair loss.  Regularly washing with our horsetail enhanced shampoo will provide you strong, beautiful hair that has received the rejuvenating effects only possible through Dermo-Biotin.

It’s Time to Change the Story of Your Hair Today

Dermo-Biotin isn’t just another shampoo, it’s the hair improvement and enhancement product you’ve been waiting for.  The thousands of customers that have been loyal for years, regularly ordering to keep their stock of this life changing product on hand.  So many people who had lost the hope of a vibrant head of hair have had it restored with Dermo-Biotin.  Isn’t it your turn?  

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