About us

Dermo-Biotin has served its global community of customers for many years, providing only the best hair and skin care products available in the health industry.  We have a dedicated team of researchers always looking to find the best ingredients and processes for creating the most effective hair care products the world has ever seen.  

Our research has resulted in some of the leading edge advances in hair and skin care, identifying products that have long been used as being harmful to the end user.  Dedicated to producing only mixtures that can be safely and effectively used, we weed these problem substances out, and leave you with a product that is guaranteed to be 100% safe.
Our dedication to excellence and providing the penultimate customer service experience has led to an amazing level of success for our company, and we couldn’t be prouder to serve you.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Dermo-Biotin has been to bring an innovative and diverse approach to producing the best in hair and skin care products.  We were determined to finally produce a product that did what it said it would do, without bathing our customers in the unhealthy chemicals so popular in other producers in the industry.  Our success has been without precedent, and has left us strong and proud as the leaders in our industry.

Dermo-Biotin is the result of this exacting set of standards, only the best products produced and harvested from the most trusted of suppliers are good enough for us.  Once received, they go into a high tech facility capable of producing precision work with consistent quality and efficacy.   You know you’re getting the best when you get Dermo-Biotin, we guarantee it.
We know our customers want to use the best product available, and to be certain that it’s going to do exactly what they want it to.  No one goes out to make a purchase expecting to be duped, and our product delivers strong healthy hair to thousands of satisfied customers the world over.

This dedication to quality has led to a high level of trust in Dermo-Biotin and the rest of our product line, and we get rave reviews from our customers every day.   Every innovation we make is eagerly tried by our loyal customers, those who know from experience that if it isn’t the best in the field, it isn’t good enough for our products, or our customers.   Once you see the beautiful, strong, shiny hair that Dermo-Biotin can deliver, you’ll be coming back again and again, we guarantee it.

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DERMO-BIOTIN is not to be considered for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
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